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Earth Baby - Happy ears oil

Earth Baby - Happy ears oil

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This therapeutic ear oil is your holistic remedy for addressing earaches, preventing pain, managing ear ringing, and more.

🌱 Soothes itchy ear canals.
🌱 Removes earwax buildup.
🌱 Reduces inflammation.
🌱 Naturally prevents pain.

Olive oil base and extracts including lavender, mullein, tea tree, echinacea, and garlic.

Conveniently available in a 1 oz dropper bottle.

How to Use:
1. Warm: Gently warm the oil in a heat-safe container (avoid microwaving the dropper bottle).
2. Test: On your hand before dispensing 3-4 drops into the affected ear.
3. Plug: With a cotton ball for 30 minutes.
4. Optimal Results: Lay on your side during application to ensure the oil fully penetrates the ear canal.



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